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Hi, Im Bradley, the creator of UNDERCOVER MAN & my beard journey started as a light scruff or as I called it my 7:45 shadow. It wasn’t full or stout but with some love and attention my public garden grew into it’s second phase “the woodsman”. I was now considered lumberjack-handsome. With the newfound encouraging attention, I received, my beard devotion was quickly realized. Not only did having my beard give me a confindence that I never realized was in me, grooming it and making time to self-care became my healthiest habit yet.  My goal was set and I needed a plan, but where to start? I read beard blogs, tried products and potions all in the search for clues and direction to grow and style a healthy beard.

I wanted to create products that were something I would be proud to share with everyone. The products had to hold the value of nature’s excellence, remaining clean and natural with a fragrance of combined essential oils to create a “feel good” experience every time you opened the bottle.  I wanted my ritual to nourish more than just my beard, but also serve as self-care tools to nourish my heart and mind. I had to take matters into my own hands and create UNDERCOVER MAN. 

Creating my brand with the beard oil and balm was a natural step for me. I knew that this would be a duo of products that could highlight my dedication to superior clean ingredients and would be something that I was in dire need of. These products are just the beginning of this journey to helping men, and everyone,  walk out into the world with confidence, self love and a respect for themselves that comes from a desire to be the best version of yourself for everyone around you, but most importantly starting with you.

“As a guy who was always told to shave his beard, I set out to create clean natural products that would tailor my beard, make me feel great about me & inspire others to GROW WITH ME!"