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Ive recently grown my beard out and I can’t imagine using another product. These really are the best! 

We got our product in and it smells so freaking good. My dad was very excited to try it! 

My dad is using the products and is so excited to be apart of this community. He said it makes him feel really great.  

My husband has been using the beard oil and he smells so delicious.

I've never really used products on my beard until these and wow what a difference. My beard once felt like a desert and now feels like a lush garden. 


We use our products to help plant seeds of positivity into your day


We use only the purest natural ingredients in all of our products


A healthy mind and a happy heart is the recipe for an incredible life


Undercover Man encourages you to step into your best self. Making time for self-care, means putting you first and being present for YOU. Our products will elevate you and your handsomely tailored beard.


Undercover Man celebrates the modern man, a limitless man. We created pure and natural products to be apart of your everyday routine of healthy habits honoring and celebrating yourself… and your beard.


Being apart of the Undercover Man collective, we provide a space to acknowledge and welcome positive intentions and influences through gratitude. Elevated self-care products make way for a community of happy beards.


UNDERCOVER Man celebrates the modern man by helping to define what it means to really love yourself. We are empowering men to embrace the ethos of grooming and how embracing that philosophy can help any man discover their own self-love.  Once you become a part of the culture of  UNDERCOVER man you will discover what it feels like, and how you will be more confident, always evolving and most importantly aware that self-care is self-love. 

Locally sourced and produced within California with quality, all natural plant and botanical ingredients. 


Our beard oil is infused with sweet pomegranate oil which makes it perfect for layering with our balm.

Locally sourced and produced within California with quality, all natural plant and botanical ingredients.

Our Brand is designed to CREATE POSITIVE SELF CONVERSATIONS / TALK which creates strength and gives others permission to do the same.