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This rich organically sourced oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve you from beard itch, while nourishing and moisturizing


A healthy beard starts with products that are formulated with clean and effective ingredients. We use natural ingredients like beeswax to help tailor and protect your beard

Self-Care Tools

Every time you groom, you self-care. We want to encourage you to start or continue a practice of positive self-talk. Not only are you connecting to your unlimited power, you build strong warrior while you polish your face armor... your beard. 


Undercover Man encourages you to step into your best self. Making time for self-care, means putting you first and being present for YOU. Our products will elevate you and your handsomely tailored beard.


Undercover Man celebrates the modern man, a limitless man. We created pure and natural products to be apart of your everyday routine of healthy habits honoring and celebrating yourself… and your beard.


Being apart of the Undercover Man collective, we provide a space to acknowledge and welcome positive intentions and influences through gratitude. Elevated self-care products make way for a community of happy beards.